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Delivering on the “change” promise

November 6, 2008 Leave a comment Go to comments

The paralyzing wait for the entire world is over… Obama has come out victorious riding on the mainstay of the election campaign, CHANGE! It was indeed very surprising to see that in the last weeks of the campaign, both the reds and blues were harping on the same theme… time and again.

Perhaps they had realized the frustration of people not just within US but everywhere around the world… and thought it prudent to promise a change that would bring prosperity and economic stability – a change that is expected to make the world a better place to live in. Haven’t we heard this cliche ending before…. “make the world a better place to live in”??

However, the majority of the voters found Obama’s call to be more genuine and trustworthy. Needless to say that this communication of change was an implicit admission of the failure of the current administration. And the significance of this election was also in its relevance to the global community… the world fraternity keenly followed the almost two-year old campaign (take me… this was the first news item I looked at every day in the last few months) and its unique status in the global framework made us look at the polls with a sense of optimism and hope.

Now, with change ruling the voters’ decision, the world expects to see the return of the good ol’ days when the US administration’s actions were dictated by compassion and world brotherhood rather than by prejudices, religious bias and petty vested interest that has only created chaos, violence, disorder and human despair. The best thing is to hold Obama by his words spoken at his victory speech in Illinois…. where he promised to revive the old doctrine of “of the people, by the people, and for the people”.

But then, will change really happen?

It is worth admitting that Obama has no luxury of learning before delivering on his new role… What he has got on his plate is a mess which he needs to clean up. And while he waits for Inauguration Day to formally get into the White House, it is absolutely necessary for him to do the groundwork right away.

And knowing that the American voters really want a positive change… a change that will reposition themselves to lead the global framework, Obama has no choice but to go by his election promises. With the financial crisis reaching its depths in the next 2 months, by the time he gets into office in January, it would have started shaping up… the upward path!!! So, it is an apt moment for him to see opportunity in this mess and make himself also a political hero from this semi-automatic recovery!Bottomline, change will happen but in a step manner… with no sudden and rapid challenge to status-quo.

And if one asks me what should be on the top of his to-do list, I would recommend:
1. Financial reforms
2. Global peace dialogue
3. Environmental correction

No matter whatever he undertakes on his presidential agenda, the world expects him to stand by the basic leadership values of integrity, fairness and humility. These values will truly make him deliver the promises he has kept to the global community.

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