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Media in a frenzy to garner more TRPs

November 13, 2008 Leave a comment Go to comments

The wierdest thing I came across in the last few days in the media was when I came across this news article – Does Obama have an Arab link?

Why does it happen that when some person reaches new heights of prominence do the rest of the world go about finding some connection so as to take the credit? And the levels that they have gone to is now entering the nth generation of their fore-fathers. Wow!!!!

In my opinion, no way is my ancestry beyond 2 generations influence who I am… so when Obama is now the President-Elect of the United States of America, how does the “fact” (not verified yet) that he has a so-called “arab link” with the bedouins of Israel matter to the world. I think it is the irresponsible part of media who are out to increase their readership by using any vague fact that comes across their ears. I must in the same tone highlight the transformation of our media… no where do you come across a newspaper or a news channel which doesn’t have a war-zone report on the headlines… “n men dead – x cities bombed – this person y got kidnapped” and so on.
Absolutely poor journalism!!!!

It is high time the media rises above this and starts addressing more pressing issues… of economy, environment, healthcare, living, harmony! And it is also upto us… the general public… to not encourage such poor reporting and demand more responsible and objective reporting.

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