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3 months…. back on the circuit

Wow… cannot imagine that 3 months have gone since I last wrote here!!! So much has happened…. all along on the global front, on my professional front and also personal front. I have so many things to write on… dunno where to start 😦

Some topics that are on top of my mind are:
1. The global crisis and its impact on a middle-class expat in the Middle East
2. What’s the best thing to do for me in this crisis… continue on the job or go back to school?
3. Making marriage work… I seem to be doing a good job there [LOL]
4. The Year of Uncertainty 2009
5. Movies / Pets / Traveling / Shopping… experience-sharing
6. The upcoming 1st Pan-IIM Gulf Summit… behind the scenes
7. Across the Desert – My road trip to Saudi Arabia
Let me ponder over the coming weekend (yuppieee…. it’s an extended one!!!) and start somewhere…. meanwhile, sincere apologies for the inexcusable absence.

However, can’t resist confessing that this month (March of 2009) is a very important month for me… a month of perseverance and decisions.

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