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The American Dream is still waiting to happen…

Having been able to decide which business school I eventually wanted to go to (not that I had many choices)… I am so looking forward to the new life that awaits me in New York… at Columbia Business School.

However, while many of my fellow classmates are long done with whatever jobs they have been on… and are either holidaying @ home or going on the CBS World Tour… I am possibly amongst the handful who still bask in the light of uncertainty.

Still waiting for my visa, I haven’t been able to even concentrate and get working on the Pre-MBA program or even the other umpteen things on the Columbia to-do list that seems to never end… and now when I wanna plan a short trip back home to see parents… I am made to wait a “bit” longer before I can see the licensed-to-study stamp on my passport.

As if all this wasn’t enough, my employer has added another role on my plate… and expects me to get squeezed all the way till the end. I had earlier visualized spending 1-2 months in utter solitude and quiet… with my wife either back home or in a far-away holiday spot…. before I begin the rigmarole of my MBA program… all I see now is that dream lying in shatters.

No holiday… it’s gonna be a quick transition from work life to student life… with no switching off in between. I so hate this whole business of uncertainty.

Nevertheless, I have come to realize that it is important to have faith in these testing times… believe in God and be convinced that everything that happens is for a reason… and that too, a good reason!!!

That reminds me of an old article I’d written answering the question, “Does everything happen for a reason?”. You might wanna read it yourself.

  1. Sandeep
    July 2, 2010 at 11:20 pm


    I am quite interested in the way you took the decision to go for a second mba. I am also planning to go for my second mba. Could you send your contact details on coolguy.yvs@gmail.com. I am currently in my final year in IIMI and planning the course of action. Please help me out on this.


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