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The Unholy Connexion….

November 28, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

Reading about the recent 2G auction scam in India brought back thoughts of the unholy connexion… the business – media – politics trichotomy. And this incident has brought to fore some of the big beacons of integrity – Ratan Tata, Barkha Dutt, Manmohan Singh et al.

I found it very distressing to see how these business and media honchos have played around with politicians to benefit themselves while we, mere citizens, were hoping that all was being done in the interests of the country and its common citizens. This reminds me of Honderich’s Principle of Humanity which stipulates that right actions are actually rational steps, effective and not self-defeating ones rather than pretences, to the end of getting and keeping people out of bad lives.

He defines bad lives as those deprived of six fundamental human goods:
1. A decent length of life
2. Bodily well-being
3. Freedom and power in various settings
4. Respect and self-respect
5. The goods of relationship
6. The goods of culture

Honderich concludes that the Principle of Humanity is better supported than any other sort of moral principle, on the basis of both consistency and certain facts. He takes it that non-consequentialist reasons are not really reasons at all, nor, he says, does the Principle grant any distinction between acts and omissions.

Having listened to the tapes from their tapped telephone conversations (which I presume to be not doctored to misrepresent facts)… it shows very clearly that they were using their power to wrongly influence others and their decisions. For me, today, these very beacons have lost the 4th fundamental human good – respect and self-respect. The biggest fear I have is not having any business role model to emulate… and the risk of turning new business managers into clones of these unworthy people.

At least what I can do on my part is… not taking any journalists on face value, and not giving a S*%# to these business honchos who have damaged the reputation of Indian industry!

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