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International state of affairs…

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Over the last one month, I have been a spectator to all that’s been happening around the world. I neither see myself politically knowledgeable enough to take sides nor do I want to get into the rhetorical debates about this… However, there are some thoughts and questions that creep into my mind when it comes to global affairs.

There is no single international agency that can investigate any intra- or inter-country issue and direct resolution measures. Unfortunately, we all thought UN might be playing that role for us but they have ended up being absolutely toothless when they saw their patrons involved in issues they are meant to solve. How can “International Law” be successful, applicable or universal when its main focus is just to keep select nations in power?

While everyone admits the global economy is shifting its balance into different hands… and everything around us is in a state of flux, why do we see that the group of global elites is still constant? I don’t advocate decision making bodies like the G7, UNSC et al… since I would prefer every country to have its say in global affairs irrespective of how small or how poor it is.

I have always dislike (abhorred) hypocrites in every walk of my life… Who doesn’t? However, what worries me more is when this disease has spread beyond individuals to the state… whereby governments have turned hypocrite and no longer are working in fairness. What we witness today is everyone working selfishly for their own agendas… and selectively adopting rules as per convenience.

The time has come for the gifted intellectuals in the society to come up with fresh thinking on how they can cleanse the society and build a rational, practical and fair system of international affairs where:
– All states and people therein are treated at the same level
– Transparency in dealings (individual and institutional) is established
– Inter-state deliberations are all aligned to a single goal of common good for the complete populace
– Interactions are based on pillars of trust, honesty, and objectivity
– Clear distinction is made between what is a fundamental right for people and what is a privilege

This should percolate into every aspect of the economy… be it banking, healthcare, public services, employment, family and living.

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