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10 tips to nail a venture pitch…

David Rose is a serial entrepreneur and angel investor known for mentoring young startup founder. Columbia had the privilege of getting tips straight from him last week. Here are his top 10 points:

10. Only the CEO can give the money pitch.

9. Check the media equipment or use your own.

8. Pace the presentation – general rule 1 slide per minute.

7. Don’t stroll or fidget. Command gravitas.

6. Don’t tell jokes.

5. Hands outs are not your presentation.

4. Always use a remote control. Go buy one, use it.

3. Don’t do a live demo, EVER. Things will go wrong.

2. Don’t read your speech. Looks like you don’t know what you’re talking about.

1. Never EVER look at the screen. That conveys: “I’m not important, the screen is.”

Adapted from Felicia Zhang’s blog

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