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Reality and media portrayal… totally out of sync

Every country in this world started its evolution at a different point in time in history… But if we disregard the time scale and just look at the evolution steps, there is a strong sense of commonality. What countries like India are going through currently – a transition from agrarian to industrialization – is something Europe and America has gone through in their evolutionary history.

So, what does it mean for India? Transition and its associated turbulence, turmoil, and social churning is inevitable.

What can India do? Work to get over this transitional period as soon as possible with minimal damage.

And what is the media doing? Turning a Nelson’s eye to the harsh economic realities plauging the common populace while building their TRPs by sensationalizing glamor and superficial realms of life. Seems like the media is behaving like Marie Antoinette who had once said, “if people had no bread, they should eat cake”. These very TV channels focus on cricket, music, astrology, reality shows day in and day out showing the current establishment’s approach, “if you cannot give the people bread, give them the circus”. Or better, “if you cannot give the people bread, make them forget hunger by keeping them entertained”.

This is nothing but sheer escapism. Yet another addiction like alcohol and drugs. And to get out of this, it is important for the media to become more responsible. This will only happen (I am not really optimistic about this) when all these people in positions of influence focus on the real issues – which are basically economic – and not by trying to divert people’s attention to non-issues.

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