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You know what I did this summer? (Part 1)

Excerpt from my recount to for the Columbia email series – “What’s hot in cluster H?”

I just completed one year in New York and to sum it up, it’s been an exceptional experience for me with a lot of help from cluster H love.

I am writing this on my flight enroute to Palm Beach, Florida… amazing destination but only if one goes as a tourist. And fortunately or unfortunately, I go there for work (how good is that!) This summer has been great in more ways than one. In less than 24 hours after finishing our exams, I was off with Hina and Zoha to visit our families in Dubai and India. Both of us were a little scared about this trip since Zoha was doing her first travel trip and that too starting with a bang… a 13-hour non-stop flight. After a month-long vacation, I landed back in New York to start my internship. Wardrobe needed some revamping so in came our in-house shoe consultant, Mike, who was kind enough to not only give me tips but also accompany me to the store. Alongside other insightful things, one major lesson learnt was that both your feet don’t have to be of the same size. That explained why I always had two sizes in mind whenever I visited a shoe store earlier.

Past that, little did I know that McKinsey would package everything that consulting has to offer in my summer experience (why me?). Day 3 of my training, I am pulled out to be assigned to a project. As I am still settling to the idea of new industry, new client… I am asked to take the next flight to Florida for a client meeting. And so my tryst with Florida began… 6 weeks of Monday through Thursday travel, lots of air miles, hotel points, and eating out. Technically, I thought I was good at MS-Office… but this internship has shown how far away I’m from becoming “barely good”. Day starts and ends with powerpoint with a dose of excel thrown in the middle. As if travel wasn’t enough, work hours have also been equally intense (though not as bad as Manoj’s who gets to personally welcome the sunrise three days a week). Personal relationships are definitely under a lot of stress with this kind of work lifestyle but thankfully mine has held fort strong enough for us to be celebrating our third wedding anniversary tomorrow.

Moving onto the fun part, this summer experience also had some fun elements thrown in with weekend getaways to Montauk (loved the Hamptons area close by), Miami, and then Dana Point in California (had Levi & family also for cluster H company). More than anything, this part kept the significant other happy enough to open the doors for me at 6am on a Friday one week. Above all, the most exciting part is seeing Zoha grow up (though I don’t get to spend much time at home)… We are always running to catch up with the pace at which she outgrows all her stuff – clothes, rockers, play gyms et al. Most interesting experiences have been the mishaps I had while changing her diapers (details warrant an offline conversation).

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