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Itz always a great idea to put up a disclaimer with any output and so does my blog. If you ain’t interested, don’t venture any further. However, if you’re bored of reading the cliched disclaimers then you are in for something interesting if you move on…

Circadian Rhythms

What’s in a name?? You may find it to be two words uttered by some madcap blogger from the Oxford Dictionary. But to me, its the governing fact of my life… something neither you nor anyone else may understand and something that I am destined to live with. How much time did it take me to create a new blog after that first-time retirement from blogging in 2003?? 35 minutes. And from those, 34 minutes and 59 seconds were spent in writing my profile and entering general information to complete the registration. However, it took me just 1 second to fill the “Title” for the blog. Rhythms are expected to be occasional but what I have is a daily dose of those… much more than what enter a musician’s ears. Not ‘coz am so eccentric or so damn unlucky, its just that things happen to me in an overdose when I least expect it. Having epitomized Murphy’s Law, I ought to be researched, written about and my life events archived for the future generations of mankind to treasure. One needs to draw enormous reserves of optimism fro me who has survived all odds I am bestowed with and yet get up everyday morning expecting something good to happen to me. And then I still exist. God knows how!

My disclaimers:

1. I consider myself to be an essayist which means I generally write long posts. It’s because I love writing them ‘coz I love reading long posts. Reading is such a good time pass. Think of my blog as a big TP newspaper (a Mid-Day, a Deccan Chronicle) that you would read over a cup of coffee.

2. I am not here to give you an executive summary of my thought process for the reason that you are no executive. Even if you are, I care a damn!!! I don’t write to give you a brief synopsis or a succinct post. Just because you are retarded and can’t digest anything longer than 2-3 sentences or that you have a 8-bit register that is perpetually in overflow mode doesn’t give you the right to blame the blogger. So, if your brain is in working condition even with a few grey cells blackened, you can very well read the long posts that I write. Most of the good writers that I have read don’t try to be succinct. They try to write well. If you are busy and have no time, you shouldn’t be wasting whatever little time you have, reading arbit blogs like mine.

3. This blog does not give out privileged information concerning any organization / institution I am / have been associated with. In fact I try hard not to mention anything that can even be remotely considered as “conflict of interest” or violates “confidentiality clauses” that I am binded with. Anything that appears here is something that can typically appear in a book. I am trying to do stuff which may benefit others. That’s the bottom line.

4. All the opinions expressed in this blog are mine. Obviously! This is my blog. Somebody else’s opinion will be in somebody else’s blog. For a reader who is as mature as you are, it should be obvious to you that some part of my blogs are not relevant to you. I don’t feel the need to say in every blog insipid things like “Take this advice with a pinch of salt/pepper/chilli/tamarind”. In fact even this disclaimer itself is a waste of space.

5. If you followed some of my concepts in this blog and still didn’t go anywhere, it only means you are screwed up somewhere. Perhaps, before venturing any further, stop in your tracks and find out where you screwed up, instead of complaining to me “I failed because your theory did not work”. That only makes you a loser… a big time!

6. Most of my posts don’t have a point, a moral or a message or for that matter any conclusion. So, if I unintentionally make a point or anything like that, it maybe an exception. And exception is the norm!

And last but not the least, this blog is not intended for me to write about much beyond the random thoughts hovering in my heads, so if you are looking for a consistently amazing writing, nail-biting social commentary or any deep personal revelations from my life, you might want to look elsewhere. However, if you are game for some randomness with a bit of dunce and a twist of wit, then you are most welcome. And before you move back to my posts, read the next para 🙂

This is a personal web blog, and statements on this blog reflect the opinions of its author only. This blog is intended for informational purposes only, and may include facts and speculation about organization, politics, countries and markets as part of that process. None of the information on this blog is guaranteed to be correct, and anything written here should be considered subject to independent verification. Any actions taken by you as a result of information written here are your responsibility.

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