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January 1, 2007

IIMs vs. Ivy League MBA programs
In my unique capacity of having pursued MBAs at both IIM and an Ivy League school… this article draws a comparison between the two different educational setups more geared towards those young undergrads looking to decide on when to pursue an MBA and where to apply. While both setups are great in their own respects, they serve different set of objectives which results in significant differences both in the structure, constituents, and the outcomes.

Inside McKinsey – knowing about the firm in the backdrop of a sad incident
While this FT article has been written in the context of the most disturbing scandal it ever faced… it offers a very insightful glimpse into the mystique surrounding the firm’s internal operations. One definitely has to appreciate the homogeneity of the firm culture across the world and also its agility to adapt to changing environments while keeping its core values of client service intact.

David Rose on venture pitch presentations
A very detailed narration of David Rose lecture at Columbia Business School on how to prepare for a VC pitch. This is very helpful for those budding entrepreneurs looking to put their business model on paper to present to potential investors.

Preparing for a consulting case interview
Based on a case I have been giving to a number of people for their case interviews, this article is an attempt to pen down all my thoughts about doing well on a case interview by taking a sample case step-by-step. You could either go through it on your own or have someone refer to it initially and give you a case.

Limited Purpose Banking – Taking lessons from Islamic Finance
This is based on a Forbes article written by Laurence J. Kotlikoff and Edward Leamer, professors of Economics at Boston University and UCLA.
We need a financial sector but not one like this. Nor do we need Wall Street hitting us up for its gambling debts. What we need is Limited Purpose Banking (LPB), which would transform all financial corporations, including insurance companies and hedge funds, into mutual funds. They would, henceforth, be called banks.

A preview to Value Investing
A summary of all that I learnt about Value Investing from Prof. Bruce Greenwald

10 tips to nail a venture pitch
10 steps to a successful venture pitch from a serial entrepreneur and angel investor

International state of affairs
Drawing up a replacement for the obsolete international agencies to regulate the new world order.

Telescopic view of world economy in 10 years
It’s an attempt to answer the question: Who will drive the world economy in 2020? Is it still going to be US or is someone going to displace it from the driver’s seat?

Why didn’t we see the crisis coming?
An introspection into why this crisis dropped on us all of a sudden… and what the root cause of this shocking surprise was!

Repainting the global landscape…
Having witnessed global crises of different kinds all through my life… the common thread I seem to find is humans’ sheer indifference to change and our mediocre polity out to exploit this indifference.

Public sector productivity – Something that was never meant to be
With the world still reveling in the light of globalization that promises a higher economic growth… the private sector seems to have entrenched its place as the locus of economic activity. However, fundamental to long-term prosperity and stability in the society including the private sector is a robust, productive public sector.

In pursuit of “happy”ness
Inspired by the movie of the same name, this artcile talks about how our actions on various aspects in life translates into happiness.

Courage – are we asking for too much?
Over time, people have attributed courage to all manner of actions that may indeed be admirable but very hardly compare to the conscious self-sacrifice on behalf of something greater than one’s own self-interest. In the present overly psychoanalyzed society, sharing one’s secret fears with others takes courage.

Does everything happen for a reason?
As amazing as it may sound to you, it sure is. There is significance in every event of our lives, from the most joyful and empowering to the inexplicable or seemingly unjust. The challenge is in decoding all those confusing moments in our lives and discovering the meaning in what has happened to us, seeing all these experiences as lessons to learn from.

Staring into a mirage…
With whatever economic growth we are seeing here in the Middle East, can we safely say that a flower has grown in the desert oasis… or is it just a mirage waiting for us to get closer before it shows the truth?

Think differently…
The ability to perceive or think differently is more important than the knowledge gained. In order to thrive in this big bad world, it’s not enough to do just the same things as other people do, just was well as they do.

“Power is not having to respond”
When we talk of “power meaning not having to respond”, these so-called POWERful entities don’t see the ONE BIG PLAN – a plan laid by the unseen power of the Almighty.

You and your pencil…
Learn the purpose in life from your pencil…

Why should I take the blame?
An Indian muslum’s debate on religious tagging of terrorism…

To dream or not to dream…
We have moved into an age where more people are afraid to dream than people daring to dream. What’s a dream if you don’t live? And what’s life if you don’t dream?

…the mantra of success
17 experiential mantras on success!!! Take it or leave it…

How 9/11 gave way to Nine-Eleven… a different take on this over-researched, over-discussed subject.

Is life beautiful?
Give and don’t expect. Advise, but don’t order. Ask, but never demand. And lo’ your life is so beautiful!!!!

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